Using a barcode scanner for data entry

When i scan a barcode into a data entry field (CR & LR appended), I can scan quicker than bubble can process the the information, so i miss some barcodes. Is it possible to cache the scanner inputs. I have some other inventory software that I use and I can scan as fast as I like in that one. Is this something that can be sorted or do I need to slow down scanning

Hi @sdfroggatt

The scanner is treated as a keyboard by the computer. And so the same effect can be seen if you copy once and then paste multiple times very quickly with the keyboard.

So don’t worry about the scanner

You will need to design the input field within your bubble app to handle rapid multiple inserts.

You could investigate using the MultiLine input to see if it can handle the rapid insertion.

How do you handle rapid multiple inserts because there is a time lag between the last character and the enter key being pressed, but with a scanner its milliseconds, I guess if you used multiline it would work quicker because it is going to the next line not writing to the database.

I currently use an app that does what I need to do. Is it possible to say have a repeating group with input fields, say barcode and quantity. when a barcode is scanned if there isnt one in the repeating group then add it to the group, if there is one in the group add 1 to the quantity. Then when scanning is finished process all the records in the repeating group to the database.

how that make sense

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Scan into a multiline as that should handle the fasts scans.

Have a workflow that takes the multi line values and populated the repeating groups as necessary.

That way your scanning isnt dependant upon processing time.

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