Using A Favorite Button

I have an app that lets users favorite, like, or dislike postings. The way it works is there will be a posting showed up one by one (you like one posting, and the next posting will come up). I have that workflow done. I have an icon (star) that when clicked, will let the user favorite that listing. I also have a button that reads, “Favorites” in which the user will get to see what postings they have favorited. How do I get the “Favorite” button aka the star icon, to save that listing into the “Favorites” page? I made a page dedicated to the favorited listings, but now I am not so sure how to complete this. I have created a repeating group on the page, but just need the workflow. Thanks

Do you have a list of favorites saved to the user? Each time they favorite a post, it gets added to a list?


  • Favorites (list of posts)

The RG on the favorites page would be type = favorites, source = current user’s favorites.

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Thank you so much. Now how do I get the Icon to cause the action it is supposed to?

Can anyone provide images, pictures?