Using "active" button in repeating group as a search filter

Hi Bubble fam,

I’m creating a search feature for my app that uses a combination of free text, dropdown and a repeating group of buttons using option sets in my database. The user can utilize any of these elements to define search parameters on the next page.

Reference of my search fields:

The “additional search tags” on the bottom of the form is a repeating group pulling in Option Sets from the database. The user can select any of these to help refine their search. I have a custom state set on that repeating group so each Cell becomes active when clicked.

Reference of when user clicks on button / cell and “active is yes”

Once the user clicks the search button I have workflow set up to send data as keys from that page to the search results page. The problem is the function of “send parameter to page” doesn’t seem to let me send which cells are active. The option of “Active” falls under the entire repeating group and not the individual cells themselves.

Could anyone help point me in the right directon or perhaps a better way to set this up?


Same here. Did you find a solution, @cooperevans ?