Using API Instagram

Hello, I’m looking for someone who has successfully used the instagram api. I’d just like to retrieve the user’s account link. I’m getting this error message when redirecting "Unfortunately, this page is not available.
The link you followed may have been broken or the page has been deleted. Go back to Instagram. And no data is retrieved

People change their username.
Don’t you only get the data of the account you have access to?
The downloads for Instagram is here:

Thank you for your reply, did you manage to use the API? I don’t understand why it doesn’t work. And I have no information about the problem. I just want to get some basic info from the user. But impossible?

I don’t use those Apis as there are downsides to it.
Meta is data-hungry and customer data should be protected. Not all businesses can use Instagram, i.e best suited are events, bad is webdesign.