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Using Blockspring

I am a little hazy on Blockspring and how it works. I am wondering if an app user can log in to an app and then modify the Blockspring box to get the information they want. So for example if a specific user wanted information from their salesforce database and another user wanted information from their Amazon database, could they do this? Or does the app designer choose what information flows through Blockspring?

The latter. You integrate a particular “block” that does a specific thing.

Would be cool to allow users to customize the “blocks”. That way project manager Brad can set “Block” A to show a value, and project manager Nigel can set the same “Block” A to show a different value. This way users can customize the information that displays on the app.

“Blocks” are effectively interfaces to some other system or thing. They are very specific.

But what you could do is pass request data down to the Block. So have a parameter that returns different data.


@Bradluffy you can create custom blocks in Blockspring, that take inputs from Bubble and return the output back in Bubble.

Well that would work. I wonder if they are going to be building a Blockspring walkthrough on Bubble anytime soon?

Did you read the Blockspring section of the reference?