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Using Bubble API Connector for Xero

Hi all,

new here :slight_smile: im trying to get the native bubble api connector to connect to xero accounting… i think im nearly there but i keep getting an error:

API Connector error: the Oauth2 API Xero API is not configured properly - missing access_token getting data Oauth2

followed by some raw data :confused:

i have used both the plugins available but they seem way to complicated and it seems like the API connector can do what i want if i can just nail the first bit the shared params for calls should be straight forward?.. i just want to connect to xero so a user can login using there xero credentials… seems like a mamoouuuth task?

thanks :slight_smile:

getting closer :slight_smile: found this video online:

Bubble Webinar 2 - The API Connector - YouTube

followed that but transposed it to Xero - now the error code im getting when returned from the xero login is this:

API Connector error: the Oauth2 API Xero API is not configured properly - Received error from api

i seem to be getting closer, i can almost smell it! - this has got to be something simple :smiley:

I think you cannot use Bubble User Agent Flow for Xero. I may be wrong but some informations I see on the API Doc let me think it’s not possible (user return an array of user while bubble expect just an object. Maybe you can try theses: UserID and EmailAddress for the key âth. Xero api need the tenant id in header for call.

I’ve never tested it but you need to consider that and maybe switch to a manual process