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Using Bubble API

Another question. Can we use the bubble API Get/Post to build a native android, windows phone and iPhone app? The idea is the app will call the APIs instead of using Bubble to build the app.

Did anyone try this? Any examples or samples?

It is a REST API so can’t see why not.

Any experience in building something like this?

That’s definitely a use case we had in mind. No example yet, but we designed the authentication flow like this.

Great thanks. When I explore this further I will update everyone on the results.


Struggling with using bubble get api has anybody got a working postman example or possibly even how you would use the bubble api connector to make a get api call to the bubble api (not that I want to do this , it would just help in working out how I would send the constraints parameter) I have tried url encoding the json but it is not working, some body please help ! the only information I can find on it is the info in the reference which I am not able to get to work. Thanks

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