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Using Bubble, do I even need a CMS?

I’m just starting to learn Bubble as I’m thinking of building my own app (which is a data-driven website).

However, early on, I’m not hearing much mention about content management systems. Is this because it’s assumed in most cases all content can be managed effectively and efficiently through the DATABASE functionality within Bubble, therefore, rendering the use of CMSs superfluous? …which would beg the question (to someone like me) - what’s the benefit of using a CMS to manage content, rather than just using the database?

Or, are CMSs indeed often needed (for data-driven sites) on Bubble, which no doubt I’ll get to in due course in my learning?

Or, am I completely misunderstanding CMSs vs databases on Bubble?

Thanks very much.

Welcome to Bubble :slight_smile:

Have you come from Webflow?

The answer is probably “it depends” which is not all that helpful I guess.

Bubble’s database is much more of a Database than a CMS. Yes, you could build out a load of CMS functionality on Bubble’s database. But it probably is not all that efficient to do it that way.

People (me included) have used headless CMSes - the advantage is that you get all the admin stuff prebuilt. Downside is that you pay twice. Also you could use something like Airtable.

If you are thinking about blog content etc then it is quite common to front bubble with something like Webflow to do the content side. And then use Bubble for the app.

So, no, Bubble does not have a CMS per se. You have to build it yourself, or use something else.

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Thanks Nigel.

No, I’m not coming from Webflow …I’m coming from not knowing anything about anything. A very worrying place.

…a LOT more reading for me to do!

I assume there isn’t a simple “plugin CMS” available?

Ah ,ok. Webflow’s CMS is frequently used as a database in the same way that Bubble’s database can be used a CMS. So it was a question about your view on what a CMS is.

If you have a largely data driven Bubble site, then the native database is fine. It does really depend on what the “Content” you want in your CMS.

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Thanks Nigel, pm sent

One example of creating CMS functionality is convenience or streamlining your work when managing content.

For example, I’m working on an app that requires lots of photos. Using Bubble database would be a nightmare uploading one image at a time and then trying to filter which ones can be displayed. By building CMS I can upload multiple images at a time and management the content much easier than Bubble default database. Hope this helps.