Using bubble only as backend layer

Is it possible to use bubble only as backend as in the case of mobile app development?
I’ve found another drag and drop UI builder quite flexible which can export reactjs code.

Yes bubble is really good as a backend end for a mobile application with all its api capabilities.
For example i’m experimenting with bubble backend, dropsource front-end. Though i think dropsource is at its early stages currently and may not have all features one may require for some specific applications.

What drag and drop UI builder for mobile applications did you find?

Just stick with dropsource. They generate swift code for mobile. The problem is I don’t like the frontend code generated by bubble. I’m currently eyeing on react studio by neonto. They also have drag and drop mobile app system but only generate objective - C code.

Been using Dropsource as well recently, and sadly coming to the same conclusion.

Bubble’s responsive engine was good at the time, but is really buggy and far too complex to try to second guess what it is going to do. Sticking transparent shapes on a page to make things work the way want them to work is just very poor.


@NigelG so we haven’t pushed any change to the responsive engine for more than a year now, so if you hit some issues, please let us know with a bug report. It’s likely more a documentation issue than bugs but we never know.

I agree with @NigelG, I have been using bubble for more than 2 years. The responsive engine is very limited comparing to webflow for instance. I always manage to make my website responsive with lot of effort and sometimes I don’t get exactly what I want.

Thanks @emmanuel - I should have been clearer. The editor’s responsive panel is the thing that I believe has bugs. I was going to raise a report, but it probably needs to be more detailed that “it doesn’t look like the web page is renders”.

What do you think about reaktio studio and natice studio?