Using button to add row from database via dropdown onto temp table

I am building my first Bubble app: (this is merely a skeleton as I figure out performance).

I am currently using the Advanced Editable Tables plugin from , which I chose because I need visitors (not signed in) to be able to interact with the table data without it writing back to the database. I have figured this part out, and I have figured out how to trigger adding an additional line using the button up top. My next challenge - I cannot figure out how to add a line from the database matching the dropdown, into the Advanced Editable Tables table. I have gone through the Workflow, both ‘Data (things)’ and ‘Element Actions’, but haven’t found something that would copy this row and add it to the temp table. Any insight?


Hi @msgiblin, I acheived to do it this way :

  1. prepare one custom state for each column you have on the row to be inserted. i.e. :
  • state_ingredient (type: text)
  • state_ABV (type: numeric)
  • state_ qty (type: numeric)
  1. for each of your input fields : add a workflow event to valuate the custom states you prepared (as below)

  2. and finaly, when your button “add to recipe” is clicked : add such following event in workflow :

  • data event : create a new recipe
  • value of each field comes from th custom states you previously saved

I hope this helps you :slight_smile:

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Thanks Bertrand, I appreciate the info here! I’ve done something similar with custom states and believe I have a working solution, although as most of us know it’s still an ever-evolving app :slight_smile:

Functional proof of concept: