Using checkboxes in the plugin tab

I would like the users of my plugin to be able to decide whether they want to have my Javascript code on every page or only on pages defined by them (by using an element). This should be requested by using a checkbox (or drop down) in the plugin tab.
However, I have not found a way to display a checkbox (or dropdown) in the plugin tab. A key (e.g. _ * _ ALLSITES _ * _) in the shared HTML header can only be filled using an input field and not using a checkbox (boolean), right?

I don’t think that’s possible.

Perhaps I’m not understanding exactly what you want to do, but it sounds like you’re describing the existing behavior if your code is placed in the Headers section of the element itself (not at the plugin level)…

Thanks for the answer, I tried to make it a bit more understandable:

The user of the plugin should have two options:

  1. All pages use the Javascript code (the script runs in the shared HTML header), the user does not have to place any elements on the pages.
  2. Only the pages on which the element is located use the code (then the script in the element HTML header is active)

If the user chooses option two, I have to deactivate the code in the shared HTML header so that the script does not run on all pages. For this I want to have a checkbox in the plugin tab (to activate and deactivate).

I found a plugin that has a checkbox in the plugin tab and is not from Bubble itself. So should it actually be available?

That’s cool. I’ve never actually had a need for that, so maybe there is a way. Be sure to post back if/when you learn how to do it. (Maybe contact the developer of that plugin?) Ideally, the two scripts would work cooperatively so that there would be no configuration step for the user.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

@romanmg Hello, I saw that you used a checkbox in the plugin configuration tab of your Outlook plugin. Can you please help me how to use a checkbox there instead of an input field?