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Using constraint with plaintext if field = datatype?

Hi folks,

I am facing in the following issue here. See screenshot and explanation below.

As you see, I have a data type “Frill” that has a field “Type”. This “Type” field is actually a data type too, and links to a different table.
Now I want to make a constraint where I would match “Type” to a plaintext, for instance: "Type = 'Apple'".

However, system doesn’t seem to allow to do that (there’s no space to click on that would enable the plaintext input). This works if “Type” field is of type “Text”, but doesn’t work if the “Type” field is of data type kind.

Is it a known limitation, or a bug, or am I missing something? Thanks!

I would use Option Sets here as it seems to fit better.

To select Type in your case you need a second search in the Constraint: Type = do search for Types first item. You’ll see a popup for the search of the Type you need to feel in. That’s it.