Using custom state to pass selected data in dropdown to a text box in RG

I have a database with drink options. I want to be able to select the drink options from within the dropdowns, and upon clicking submit, have only the selected data go to a text field within a RG.
I want the selected options to populate under ‘Selected’

Here is what it looks like in the editor

Here is preview mode

Here is my table of drink options

To add the item to the second RG just use display list: current list: plus item

To remove it from the dropdown you can either add minus list: selected RG's list to your choices source, or add the constraint unique id is not in selected RG's list

Thank you for the response. Can you tell me where I’d select those options? I understand this is probably really basic stuff so my apologies. I’ve added extra screenshots for context.

Setting state:

Repeater config:

Text box config:

I wouldn’t use any custom states for this (you can, but it’s just an extra unnecessary step)

I’d just add/remove the selected items directly to/from the selected items RG using Display List (as explained in my previous reply).

You can do the same with a custom state but it’s a bit more fiddly (and unnecessary), by referring to the custom state’s current value, then using plus (or minus) item.

And your text should not be displaying the RG’s list if it’s inside the RG (if it’s not inside the RG then it can do, but then what’s the point of the RG…? just display the custom state list in the text box instead).

Thank you for the follow up reply.

You suggested: "to add the item to the second RG just use display list: current list: plus item"
Would you mind briefly explaining the steps to accomplish this?

I’m only able to see an option to ‘Display List’ when I go to the Submit button workflow, click ‘Add Action’, and from there I can see ‘Display List’ under ‘Element Actions’ . I’m not able to find the ‘current list’ or ‘plus item’ options.

Thanks again for your help.

So, your repeating Group is called ‘Repeater Selected’ and it’s holding a list of ‘Drink Data Tables’

So the expression you need to use in your Display List action is:

Repeater Selected's List of Drink Data Tables: plus item: Current Cell's Drink Data Table

I’m still having a hard time following those steps as I’m not able to input that expression into the Display List action. Added screenshots for context.

What is triggering your workflow?

The submit button shown in the screenshot below is triggering the workflow.

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