Using Custom Typed Field for Search Contraint on datasource

I have table with custom typed field as below.

Table 1: BranchLocations
BranchName: Text
Location: GeoLocation

Table2: ProductListing
AvailableAt: BranchLocations

I am listing my products using repeater group where I would like to provide search filter (constraint) to filter product listing by GeoLocation of AvailableAt field. DataSource for this listing is ProductListing.

In any DBMS this is very simple, I can do it using join queries. Not sure how to achieve this in bubble.

Please guide me if anyone has done this sort of thing.

Joins in Bubble are don’t with “natural language” … so to join Product Listing to BranchLocation you use …

“ProductListing’s AvailableAt’s Location” in the expression builder.

To do the search, you can use an advanced filter…


(so do a filter, then scroll down and you will see Advanced…)

Another way to do this would be to have a LIST on Branch Locations with the list of available ProductListings.

Then all you have to do is search for nearby BrankLocations and display the ProductListings.

Excellent. Thanks for great support.

I was not aware of power of Advance: feature.

Working perfectly as I was expecting, just one thing I am worried that the performance of the app. I have only 6 records while I am doing testing, and seems like it is loading data with some visible lag. Not sure what will happen when I will have 10000 records.

Do you have any statistics of performance measures? I mean has anyone tested this with large number of records. What is the performance benchmark? Is it good that we can use it our app as a production grade app?

I have one app with tens of thousands of rows. It works quickly, but when I tried to do a dropdown of all the unique values in the table … well that took quite some time !

If you design your data sensibly it is fine.

It takes too much time to load it first time (everytime) but later on changes of criteria it takes less time.

Not sure how to pre-load it.

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