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Using dash "-" symbol in the page name

Why the dash “-” symbol in the page name gets automatically replaced with undescore “_” ?
I need to use “-”, is there a way for that?

No good reason… We’ll push a fix that will enable you to do this before tonight.

It’s live


Thanks, Emmanuel!

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Emmanuel, I’m migrating one web-site from wix to bubble, and I want to set up a redirect of some old pages to new ones. All wix pages contain #! symbols in the URL. When I try to use them creating a new page these symbols get replaced with _. Also they contain “/” and a few symbols after it. Here is an example
would it be possible to allow creating such pages to make sure no links are lost after migration?

we can’t really have ‘/’ in page names i think, that’s going to lead to bad stuff unfortunately. And a hash is a something that is usually used to have a tag in the page. Do you have some examples of sites that do this (but not wix)? I’d like to test a bit first…

“#!” is part of the syntaxis to let Google know that the crawled page is based on AJAX so that it indexes the dynamic content. Please see here

this page says ‘deprecated’, so I think Google has change its approach there :confused:

I can’t find other examples but wix uses #! for all its pages. So this issue will always arise when transferring web-sites from their platform. I’m pretty sure they did it on purpose to make it more complicated to leave. What do you think? Would it be possible to created pages with #! in the beginning of the URL?

basically a 301 redirect is required so that google can continue indexing the old URLs. Is there any way to arrange it? It should be a very practical feature when people are moving from other platforms or reorganizing their web-sites.