Using dates for a subscription application

Hi team,

I’m trying to get working a subscription app, and currently im implementing the actual subscription side, with the subscription being on a weekly basis.
I want to be able to continue a weekly subscription until the user unsubscribes, or the other option would be to opt-in every week by button press to continue their weekly subscription.

At the moment i use this data type setup:


And when the subscription is implemented, the expiry is today’s date + 7 days.

I want to be able to automatically extend this subscription when there is say, 2 days left of the subscription, so the new expiry would be todays date + 7 days + 7 days (and it to continue if necessary), or on button press, add 7 days to the expiry (and then another 7 to the new expiry, and another 7 to that expiry etc).

Sorry if I’ve over-explained what im trying to do, but I’ve had a play with it and can’t get it to work out for me.

It would also need to work in with Stripe, which I haven’t yet implemented.



It seems you will need a scheduled workflow. Set up another data type to store the no. of days remaining for the subscription. Every day, the workflow will check how many days is remaining in the subscription and extend whenever it reaches 2 days. However, you will need the professional plan to implement daily workflows.

Stripe has a code to indicate whether user is subscribed or not, you can use that as a verification as well.

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