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Using Domain Nameserver and A/CNAME records

Dear Bubble Team,

Please I have registered a domain name with my Provider but did not purchase hosting account.

This means I cannot change A / CNAME records. The only option is to change the Domain nameserver from my account with the domain provider.

Kindly help. What should I do at this point?

What service did you use to purchase the domain? We’re gonna need more info here, but I’m 99% sure this is a solvable problem.

You shouldn’t need hosting to change the A/CNAME records, so there’s something up.

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The domain bought is and was purchased from

It is a local provider in Nigeria.

Thank you

Looks like the general steps are here:

Obviously this exact article is about setting it up for Google, but it should show you where all the settings are. Hope this helps!


Appreciate your efforts but this doesnt solve my issue.

But i was able to see ‘Manage DNS’ in my account.

Your efforts actually led me to it.

Thanks alot

Also, if i change to Live Mode while i am still developing, can i continue to work in development mode while the changes are made on live mode?

This is a bit confusing as i am trying to showcase my work so far to my fellow partner.

Thank you

You don’t make any changes to the “Live” app. All your changes will be updated automatically on Preview, but if you want them to be made available on the URL you showed above, you will need to Deploy your app.

If all you want to do is show the app to your partner, you can send them the Preview link and they’ll see whatever the current “in-development” state of the app is.

If you do a push to Live, that will not get updated by your progress unless you specifically perform another deploy. That means you can continue working on the app without worry that you’re breaking something on the Live site. Make sense?


Makes a lot of sense.

All i did was add “/version-test/” to my domain URL and i was able to view the development mode preview.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue just now. Some providers use third party registrars and don’t automatically create a DNS zone for the domain (because it needs some typ of hosting). It’s not created until you add hosting with the main provider in this case. I guess you should be able to admin the records straight with the third party registrar, if they allow it.

I know the normal procedure is to define A records. I can only change name servers. What options do we have to do that in bubble @emmanuel?