Using dropsource to transform to android app

Hi everyone,
I am trying to make my bubble web app to an android app, with no success.

So far, I have done what the code-free video says and when I test the app in dropsource, the first screen (index) appears… But nothing works, and I cannot go to another page.

What may help?

Hi @kalod123, Sue from Dropsource here… :wave:

If you’re having issues with the web view I’d encourage testing your Bubble app in a mobile browser on Android in case there is a more general issue.

Just to let you know we have a tutorial on connecting a Dropsource app to your Bubble API which goes into detail on using your Bubble data rather than just including a web view:

And you can connect to a lot more people who use Bubble backends in Dropsource on our forum:

Thank you Sue,
yes it seems there is a more general issue.

Some guys recomented using pop up and not pages, so i will try that.