Using Floating groups to get responsive height for Repeating groups

I’m just back from the responsive trenches implementing separate scrolling RGs using several floating groups (FG). Key findings:

  • Having two FGs, one of them need to be fixed width so the FGs don’t expand over each other, when the page is stretched.
  • The whole screen width will be used so the rest of the page design will need to use that as well to look good. I initially had a design where I used the center 800 px if the screen was wider. I experimented with putting groups into the FGs to put the RG aligned with 800 px centered content, but did not succeed with this.
  • It’s possible to have up to three FGs if you make two of them fixed width and glued to each side, and the third one responsive and glued to either side.
  • Having many similar views in my app I initially structured it using Reusable elements (RE). I had to break this since the FGs need to be on the main page and cannot be in an RE (which is a group). This created a cost for this design by having elements copied instead of reused.
  • To cater for mobiles, I use the above down to a certain page width, at which I hide all this and instead show one list and scroll the whole page.

Cheers, Peter

I have a “popover” (group) that shows up when selecting a cell in the first RG. I want the first RG to retain its scrolling position when the popover is closed. So I use Floating groups here as well.