Using hidden groups for a single page app


I’m building a quiz app and for each quiz, the user will be asked a question. Then they’ll click a ‘continue’ button and a text box will appear in the questions place for them to enter their answer. When they click ‘continue’ the text box will be hidden, their answer will save and some summary text will appear congratulating them on answering the question.

I can set this up with workflows and hidden elements. What I wanted to know is whether I place all of the elements in the location I want them and simply hide them. So they’ll be lots of elements stacked in the exact same place. Then I use the element sidebar to show/hide elements when I want to edit them.

This does work but I was wondering if this is best practice?

Yes, this is a good idea…up to a point. Depending on the amount of RAM you are working with, too many elements on a page will slow down your editor.

For reference, I have 16 RAM, and 200 elements is about the limit before the editor becomes painfully slow.

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Thanks Robert! That’s good to know. Bar a custom font, the elements should be pretty minimal. I’ve just been reading about designing Bubble apps for scale from the start. Is there anything you would add for this use case?

I’m not the best resource for scaling in Bubble questions.

That being said, I’m not aware of any Bubble app that has scaled successfully yet.