Using HTML/javascript/css inside bubble with dynamic input

I need to substitute output from a repeating group into several div class-swiper-slide … /div

How would you go about it?

I need the HTML before the RG, the RG to output those divs and then all the closing code too.

Basically I’m trying to cobble together a dynamic HTML block. How could this be achieved?


create a list of all the book covers urls and store in a custom state.

HTML box:
(all header stuff goes here up to the first of this below)
div class = swiper-slide style = backgroundimage:url(

insert dynamic: Show the list of book covers: join with “div etc” to make a div for every book cover

then rest of html - close the divs and put out the javascript

no one asked but in the spirit of showing my work for the next person…

I was able to take code from and embed it in my bubble page and change the content in the html dynamically via output of a repeating group. The end result is a really slick sliding book carousel that works like this:


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