Using Huge Option Sets

Hi all.

My app will rely heavily on large predefined lists. For example “Available Project Key Dates”, such as “Contract Signed”, “Install Scheduled”, etc

A project will create a “Key date:value” when the date has been populated on the project. This object will just have 2 fields: linked project key date and date-value.

During a project, tasks and emails will look at a projects table of “key date:values” to determine their behavior. Like “if contract signed is not empty, but Site visit scheduled is empty”, create task to schedule install.

The “Available Project Key dates” would be 50+ items, but they would be static. Would there be any clear reason to not use an Option set in this scenario?

The process involving the “available key dates” will be very workload unit intensive so I’m trying to be efficient here.

Thank you in advanced!

So like:

*Project (datatype)
Key dates (list of key dates)
Key date type (option set)

Then you just add the key dates to the project as they become set? Or you could just have a DT which is key dates and it just holds the 50+ fields

No, go ahead and use it. Only reasons to not use option sets are typically based on whether or not you plan on updating it frequently or need to allow users to create values. Otherwise for your static list of 50 things, it is fine.

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