Using inputs to filter a dataset’s results

Hi there!

I’m trying to create an app the uses multiple inputs to filter a dataset and then show the filtered datasets results.

Right now my app can take inputs relating to a users preference for products they want to see. Those inputs are currently being stored in their own dataset. I also have a macro dataset of all products with fields for those inputs.

The user experience should be that they submit inputs for product recommendations (products for 18 year old boys) and the results then populate on a new page. The workflow would take those inputs (18 year old, Boy), filter the macro products dataset and only return those products that match those inputted fields on a new page.

Can someone help me!

what it is that you struggle with?
have you tried to build this? what did you try?

It is more likely to get an answer if you show your attempts and ask specific questions

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Thanks for commenting back, Dorilama. I really appreciate it.

I uploaded two screenshots. One is of an input page asking a user to fill in some information about an individual they would like to see resulting product matches for. The questions ask about name, gender, age range and interests.

The second screenshot is an image of a database for products whose attributes are those inputs. Right now I only have one product showing, but eventually this will be quite a large dataset.

I’d like a users inputs from screenshot 1 to return back a filtered product dataset from screenshot 2 and visualize those products on a new page. I’m having trouble understanding the workflow for creating a Boolean type querying of the products database (screenshot 2) using the inputs of screenshot 1.

So, for example, the query would be something like

(Age = “18” AND Gender = “Male” AND Interests = “Sports”)

That would then return a result of products that have those attributes. Does that make sense?

Have you tried to use “do a search for”?
you can set the kind of query that you describe and also with more options

I did try that. The problem that i’m having is that when I create a repeating group, the data type is pulling from a dataset that needs to be constrained by a user types inputted fields. See screeshots below.

  1. Product Dataset

  2. User Data

In screenshot 1 (Product Dataset), each row is a product defined by attributes (Age group, gender, interests, etc.). In screenshot 2 (User Data), each user is created after responding to inputs around age group, gender, interests.

In the workflow, when a new user is created in table represented in Screenshot 2, a copied and filtered dataset of Screenshot 1 should be created and visualized.

So in the example above, Zubair who is adult male with cooking interests from Screenshot 2 should only be shown the Grosche Milano Espressor maker in screenshot 1 and not both products as the interest in product 2 is Fashion. That should be filtered out.

Do you have any tips for how I can solve this?

did you try “do a search for product dataset” and in the search “interests is cooking”?

Hello @zen.aziz.ahmed ,

You can try my method to solve your problem as you have stated that you are having some inputs from the user.
I have taken some input fields and while searching data from the database I have specified the input field values to the constraints. For reference, I have attached the screenshot.

I think this might help you to resolve your problem.

If any further assistance is required please contact me on:

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