Using Internal PAI Output in a workflow

Hi Bubblers,

I created several Internal APIs using the (excellent) Bubble tutorial .

Everything works like a charm, except that I do not find the proper way to work with the “API Return Data” elements in the parent workflow. I am sure it is a pretty simple stuff, but I can not find it in the tutorial & forum.

As an example :

Internal API : “create smiley” with a last element in its workflow being “API Return Data” with the variable “OKNOK” and value “OK” if everything went well, “NOK” if not.

Parent Workflow : When I click an a button
Step 1 : trigger create smiley API
Step 2 : showalert if “results of step 1”. OKNOK is “NOK”

I have tried several instructions for step 2 but I can not find the proper way of coding it.

Any thoughts guys ?


You need to expose your API Endpoint as a public endpoint and call it from the API Connector Plugin.

Hi @reger-alexander , thanks for your answer, will try it :smiley:

It works :smiley: