Using internal site links instead of workflows

Ok - I hope I can explain this correctly - as I am still new. Thank you - in advance - for your patience and any help -

Ok - I set up a db structure for articles: title, image, body text, etc.
I set up a page “create-article” that dynamically inserts all this info into DB from a single page that I use to write/create articles - I use a workflow to manage the information into the DB… (and I don’t want Google bots to index this page - this become an important bit of info)

On the visitor view side, I have a page set up that has the titles of the articles (listed as links) that when an article title is clicked, a page is generated that shows the article in this form:
Article Title
Article Image
Article body
Currently this is also set up with workflows and works - BUT (and here is where google bots/indexing comes in) I would rather use internal site links rather than workflows to show the articles - because I have learned that internal links are more acceptable to Google bots whereby increasing my SEO performance (if this is wrong, please explain why)

My question is: How do I use internal site links to produce dynamically generated pages that used to be set up through workflows OR do I have to produce 75+ individual pages - one for each article?

Sorry - one last thing: And how do I actually do 1 or the other??? I have no idea how to set up links to a dynamic page (if a single page view) or how to even link them to a DB (if 75 individual pages) or are they just static and not dynamic? (I am so confused by this - cognitive overload)

Thanks again for the help I LOVE THIS FORUM btw - you guys are so helpful.

hey hey, I think the page displaying unique articles should be set up as the same type of your table (article?)

then when you set up your link in your article listing (a repeating group ?), you choose the unique article page and you can dynamicaly refer to the article to display in the link settings (current cell s article)

Tell me if it is clear :wink:

Hello @Sarah_Esteve - thank you for your feedback… I think I understand what you are saying… You are saying use a repeating group instead of a list (which is what I wanted to do, but I always saw that repeating groups were used to provide a more comprehensive list of data - instead of just a name (of a thing), it would also provide other key elements to provide a more comprehensive amount of data than just a simple list of - in this case, articles names). So I set up a repeating group with article names (maybe even dates of articles) - then when someone clicks on an article the link is in the form of an internal link ( for example) and this preset page called “article” will grab that articles information (based on the name of the article in the repeating group) and populate it into the page whereby the person could read it.

Please correct me if I am wrong -

But even though we have created an internal link - because that link is not specific to an article - (for instance) will google bots be able to see (follow) the link for each specific article? I mean, I am guessing they would have the same experience as the user, right? Click article from repeating group (menu) and see article populated by DB specific to the original link -

Does this sound correct?

seems yes, until you use link element type in your repeating group. But I m not a SEO expert.

Thanks @Sarah_Esteve I appreciate your help…

  • wondering if anyone else knows about this and knows either way?

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