Using Javascript


I need a little help using Javascript to access our Bubble database, I’m trying to create a new html element when a certain “Current User” requirement is met, for example:

Current User’s Management is “Staff”
I want to condition a certain html element to be added only if that current user is a staff member, but I’m have a little trouble figuring how to access that information. I could do a condition statement for the HTML, but I’m trying to make it less cluttered.

Why do you use a javascript for that when you can do that with Bubble conditional or workflow?

Because traditional workflows make horizontal navigations menu look weird when a button is set to invisible. Using Javascript and HTML allows you more customization.

You can use two version of the navigation menu and show the right one according to current user.
Yes this may be possible using javascript and HTML. I guess this may be easier to build a private plugin in this case

I honestly don’t find that very necessary, but, I didn’t ask about making multiple versions of a menu, I asked how to access the database through Javascript. I’ve been using Bubble for over a year, so I did know that’s an option, but I’m trying to find a way that can be more beneficial for me and users.

I consider first the issue (you need to show specific thing according to a filter on user). I suggest a way, yes this was not the one that you first talk, but I consider it to be valuable (and less complicated and why bubble exist: no coding).

Now you want to do it javascript. Do it.
Now maybe you can take a look at Toolbox plugin - collection of utility elements

I’m not sure if you can access db using directly javascript without plugin in a page. When I need do to it, I use a plugin.