Using large user inputted CSV files to visualize data

Hey, I’m building an app with the following flow:

A user uploads a CSV file with a lot of data, the system should aggregate the data, and then display it in a few charts

The kind of aggregation is for example: Taking the data of column A from all the rows of the CSV, Grouping them by the data of column B, and filtering so that we only use rows with a specific data in column C (which is a boolean true or false)

I can’t find a way to take the data from such large CVS and dynamically store it, aggregate, and visualize it


  • The size of the CSV is around 4000 rows
  • The column structure and names are always the same
  • Data types inside the rows are: Text, numbers (most of them are negative), dates, and boolean
  • I don’t mind if the solution will be client side or server side, for me server side makes more sense due to the aggregation I need to do

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