Using levity code and built an AI feature

Hi there

Was wondering does anyone know how to utilise Levity AI to build an identifier system in If anyone knows please hit me up!


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It doesn’t seem to have an API to connect to.

Hi scottb50

I think it is possible as I watched people do it on one of these videos How To Build A Machine Learning Model With No-Code (Levity X Bubble) - YouTube

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I have built a accident damage level identifier, i can help, but what you Exactly want to achieve.

@enbitious what do you want to identify?

Resume key words and job requirement keywords

Hello @enbitious

It seems strightforward

Here a video back when Levity was Colabel

They now have a couple of Bubble plugins as well:

Best of luck with your project! :slight_smile:


Hi the levity api is pretty straightforward, once you can clear outline the problem you are solving. But if you need help please reach out to me at