Using list fields in repeating group

Hi Bubblers,

I have issue to correctly display list data in repeating group. One of my LIST FIELDS is referring to my EVENTS data type.

I want to show in repeating group this:
04/25/2022 International day of Bubble
03/08/2022 International day of Women

Instead I get this
04/25/2022, 03/08/2022, International day of Bubble, International day of women.

I would need to somehow join Date_Start with Event_Title into one string. Instead Bubble renders everything field by field and it is logical. However I do not know how to create desired result out of list. Do I need to make nested repeating group or is there any other less resource heavy approach?

This is what I used:


Use ‘Format As Text’ for this…

Parent group's Coupon's Events: format as text

Then set the content to show per list item to: This Event's Date: formatted as 3/02/22 - This Event's Title

And use a line break as the delimiter (i.e. just press enter)


That Format as Text feature has been such a godsend. Before they introduced this feature it was a real pain to do something like this!


Adam, I was close and already “flirted” with format as text before, however could not find out by myself about using This. Perfect solution it works like a charm! Thank you so much.

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