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Using Minus List and Items Until # - Strange Behavior

Hi Community, I’m using the list operators “minus list” and " items until #" in conjunction to loop through a list in blocks but I’m seen behavior that looks like a bug.

I have a list of jobs that have to be allocated to Users equally (or most equally possible since jobs are always integer numbers).

The selection goes like:
1)set a state of the type Jobs (list) → select the list of jobs
2) set a state of the type Users (list) → select the list of users
3) set a state “jobs/user” (number) → Jobs:count/Users:count:ceiling
So far so good.

The iteration should go as:
1) ‘make a change to a list’ of jobs: Jobs:items until # "jobs/user. The list is selected correctly !! → Responsible: Users:first item
2) Set State Users → Users:minus item Users:first Item
I update the list of users by using itself “minus item” “first item”. Now my list is everyone less the first User that was just allocated to the first block of jobs.
So far so good again.

Now the problem:
1) set state Jobs: Jobs:minus list Jobs: items until # “jobs/users”, it returns a blank list.

It’s strange because I’m using almost same construction/synthax to determine which Jobs will have a user assign, just as explained above, and it works, But to re set the list it returns a blank list.

The debugger shows that “:items until #” is empty. But it is clearly not since “jobs/user” is there with a valid number on it.

Question: am I doing something wrong or should I file a bug? Is there any other way to loop through a list in blocks like this without using “items until #” and “minus list”?

Hi there!

Since this a little more involved it would be best for you to file a bug report on this one and let our team take a deeper to look to make sure there isn’t a bug here and to get your build moving again.

You can do so at this link

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Thanks Colin. I just found another way to do the same thing and solved my problem. But I still believe there’s something wrong with the items until #

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