Using Multi dropdown

sorry I have had quite a few questions lately fixing last minute things.

Long story short I just changed drop downs to use multi dropdown to get the functionality built in that as the user is typing it brings up the matching selections.The normal drop down would only just to a, b, c etc. but not filter further. However only 1 selection possible so set max to 1. This works well generally.

However I have 2 issues the first being a big problem and the 2nd being minor:

a) How do I load default data. The database has a text field. However the default requires a list and i do not see the ability to convert to list for this purpose. Basically I want to convert the text to a list to pull in a list of one text item as default and when save inputs so save the first item of the list from the multi dropdown to the text field (only one item).

b) I have hidden the x to delete by changing to same color as background. I also removed any padding but still get an indent. Is there anyway to remove the indent? As attached.

thank you so much.

Oh I managed to solve the first larger issue. The converted to list option appeared against the parent educator record so worked like attached:

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 15.05.56

It then creates a list of one item that populates the multi dropdown. It would be great if can solve the indent but I am not sure there is (not easily at least) so may stick to this

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