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Using negative margins but groups won't overlap

Hello, I’m trying to achieve something similar to this:

I’m using a reusable for the widget I want to overlap and set the bottom margin to -150

I’ve also tried setting the margin on the group that contains the reusable widget to -150.

But no matter what I try it seems I don’t get any overlap. The widget is cut off:

What do I need to do to get this to overlap the group below?

Try right clicking the reusable widget you made (that’s placed on the page) with your mouse and go to the bottom option that says “Bring to front”. That should do the trick

Hey @tjc4 ,
I created what you’re looking for using containers in this sample app: Rental-property-analyzer | Bubble Editor

Here’s the preview:


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thank you! solved it!

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thank you for sample app! my issue was I forgot about “bring to front”