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Using parameters to render content for a specific user

I’m new to Bubble on working on my first app and I’m having some trouble adding constraints a repeating group. The workflow I’m building is:

  1. Authenticated user (User A) selects locations to recommend to an unauthenticated user (User B).
  2. User B receives an email or SMS containing a link
  3. User B clicks on the link and see’s the locations recommended by User A on the page.

I’ve tried to set it up so the link contains a parameter (I’ve tried the unique ID for the locations as well as the email address for the recipient), and when defining the data source for my group I’d use the parameter as my constraint. I’ve found it to be pretty wonky from there, I’ve tried:

email IS IN this url

unique ID Get data from Page URL extract with Regex

But each time I get no content rendered within my Repeating Groups.

Appreciate any tips!

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