Using Radio buttons inside a Repeating Group

I am trying to create a popup that allows users to add a MenuItem to their cart.
Some MenuItems have ‘Modifiers’ which allow users to add toppings, choose a meat, style etc.
The problem is with storing these selections so that when a user clicks ‘Add to Order’, the correct selections need to be stored.
A MenuItem can have multiple Modifiers so I have chosen to show the Modifiers in a Repeating Group.
I have created a custom state for the RepeatingGroup called ‘selectedModifiers’ - a list of selection. The problem specifically is when a user selects a radio button the selection is added to selectedModifiers BUT the previous selection is still in selectedModifiers. How do I ensure that the previous selection is removed from selectedModifiers?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



I’m literally having the same problem as you, if someone knows a way around this please give us a help.

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