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Using ReCaptcha

Absent an official bubble plugin for this I’ve been experimenting with the new recaptcha (the one that you click to say I’m not a robot and then choose from some pictures. I setup recaptcha at google and have managed to successfully insert a working version into my app on one my signup page.

However, when I say working, what I mean is that is that the user interactivity part works fine but I don’t know how to use the result in the workflow to block or allow a login. Right now, regardless of the user interaction with the recaptcha, they can still login.

Has anyone tried this? Any thoughts on how to make it work?

For me, this is another fundamental security feature that is missing from the bubble platform. Verifying that a user is real is a near ubiquitous signup feature these days. I would really like to see this officially supported on bubble, but I will take a workaround right now if anyone has it.

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Having Recaptcha would be nice. One thing I’ve seen other systems use is a hidden field that the bots try to fill out when they submit forms. Since normal users don’t see the field they will not fill it out, so you can have a qualification that will not allow submission if the field is not empty.

Your other option is to require users to login before submitting a form.

As for bots registering on the site, you could use email verification before you enable the account.

You could also create one, no?

Have an input that requires the answer to a simple question (2+2=?) and in the workflow specify that this fields value must be 4 in order to press the submit button.

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Here you are!