Using Repeating Group to search multiple Data Types

I have a two data types that I am trying to display in one Repeating Group.

One Data Type called: Residents
One Data Type called: Occupants

I have Quincy Adams ( Resident) linked to the John Smith (Occupant) using a Unitnumber field.

I am displaying all of the data for Quincy Adams in a repeating group.

However, I can’t seem to include John Smith in this repeating group as well.

Ultimately, I want to display all Residents and Occupants together in one repeating group

What I’ve tried:

  • created a constraint and looking in Occupants any data in the Unitnumber field, but that’s not work.
  • created a constraint using the “any field” and search for specific keywords ( primary or roommate)

You could do this by using two repeating groups within a repeating group :slight_smile: Can you share a link to your app? That will give a better idea of how to do this with your data structure

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Hi guys,

I am too facing this problem of showing data from 2 different datatypes in a repeating group.

Did you guys figure it out?

@fayewatson @brentparker76

yes, please demonstrate this for us :slight_smile: