Using "result of" to set a custom state

I’m trying to set a custom state following something in my workflow. However, I don’t see anywhere I can put in Result of when setting a custom state.

In the example video from bubble they give one where Result of then appears in dynamic expression. This is not the case when you go to workflow, type in “set state of of an element” and select that as what you want to do and then the form pops up. Nowhere can you then select result of in any of the dynamic data expression.

You can set it directly in the value…

Don’t have that as an option:

Can’t type it in either.

Is it possible the preceding event, which is just another setting of a custom state is why? Does it matter the order in which I set custom states if the result of one custom state is needed in the expression getting another custom state?

Are you sure you’ve created or modified something in the same ?

(maybe post a screenshot of the rest of your workflow)

Yes… you can only use the result of previous step for certain actions (such as modifying things in the database, or making API calls)

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Ok. Thank you. I tested and it doesn’t appear to matter the order when I set all the custom states.

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