Using several social logins

Hey all

I’m building an app where from a user perspective it makes sense to allow to log in from several other services for a high conversion rate. The ones I’m thinking of now are:

(maybe Amazon)

Are there any major downsides to allowing different kinds of third-party logins in one app?

  • Less secure?
  • Less stable?
  • Resource-heavy?
  • Messy to manage?
  • Is it for some other reason considered “bad practice” in app development in general?

Thanks in advance for input!

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If you don’t also have users create a password on your site, such that you’re actually authenticating them, then 2 potential challenges:

  1. You’re at the mercy of these 3rd parties since they can change their terms / approach at anytime
  2. You have to continue to display the option to log-in with these services until you force people to create a password on your site.

Additionally, having people log in with multiple social sites gives you access to a different subset of data for different users which can make future features, social graphs, etc. more difficult to implement effectively on your site.

All of this said, it very well may be worth these costs given that there are large advantages to making it easy for people to log-in with social logins.

I’m sure you can find out a lot more from reading what other people have said about this on Quora, YouTube, etc.

Best of luck!

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