Using Stripe and PayPal one-time payments simultaneously?

Hey guys,

I am currently developing a website, where people can buy premium features for specific sites, which allow them to post more content, write comments etc.

As of now, I am using stripe to process the one-time payments, since I decided against a subscription-approach. I am using the Stripe Plug-In for bubble and I have a workflow on the purchase now button that says ‘Charge the current user’, which opens up the Stripe paywall and charges the respective amount.

Additionally, I thought about adding PayPal to my bubble page via Braintree. Unfortunately, in the tutorial I saw on how to integrate it, the guy used the same ‘Charge the current user’ command. But instead of Stripe, PayPal opened (of course, he had only the PayPal plug-in installed).

Since it appears to me, that one can not select the service that should be used when the workflow ‘Charge the current user’ is triggered, I decided to ask if anyone of you has tried this before, or if this is even possible?

I wanted to ask you for help before I potentially waste my time by setting up both accounts, only to realise that one can not use both services on a bubble site simultaneously.

Thanks for your help and cheers,