Using subdomain for faster loading and SEO

Hi all,

I’ve got a full website navigation set up on my Bubble app (, but I want web navigation that does not require Bubble data access, so that it loads faster and is more SEO friendly. I’m planning to have someone build this for me on Wix or SquareSpace and wanted opinions on what the best option is:

  1. Create ONE subdomain for all non-Bubble website data. E.g.,, and then use pages within that subdomain for navigation (

  2. Create MANY subdomains for all non-Bubble website data. E.g.,, Would this entail setting up many Wix/SquareSpace sites? Would this be generally OK for SEO?

  3. Create a different URL entirely that then routes users over to my Bubble site when they want to create an account, e.g., which then has several pages (e.g. Speak Easy Speech Therapy)

  4. Migrate my existing site to a subdomain ( and use the newly freed up main domain for non-Bubble website ( Note: While I think this is likely the best option, I want to avoid doing this because it will require some major overhaul of existing links within the app – so I’m more interested on which of the first 3 options is best, unless they are all terrible options

Thanks for the help!

Alternatively have that someone build the “marketing” pages and send you the html code.

Set up empty pages in Bubble and display the html code using the pages html box.

The pages will be fast because no interaction is done with the database and no “heavy” Bubble elements will be loaded (repeating groups, groups, inputs, etc etc). The html code will be browser based.


Thanks for the idea - in many ways that would be easiest. Do you mean the Page HTML Header? And leave everything blank?


Or do you mean the HTML visual element with nothing else on the page - and will that A) scale responsively, and B) perform well on SEO

A combination of both … or one …

Checkout Airdev’s Canvas template. They use this approach.


Checking if anyone else has recommendations regarding best approach for easy editing and effective SEO - is it possible to get decent SEO on Bubble or does it require another platform?

Perhaps @boston85719 can chime in?

@kenneth.ettinger I’m not really sure what the best approach would be in your situation. When I am building an app in Bubble and think about SEO, I just try to optimize the Bubble app to utilize all the Bubble features provided for SEO benefits and then trying to ensure I check the box on all that can be done on page for boosting SEO.

I personally don’t have any experience with using subdomains and connecting with a 3rd party such as Wix.


Thanks - I’ll dig into your post and template and may go for the Bubble only approach

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