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Using the GET API with limit parameters returns "remaining": null

If I use the GET API and only request e.g. 3 objects to be returned, I cannot see how many are left. It just says “null”.

GET /version-test/api/1.0/obj/inspection?limit=3 HTTP/1.1
Cache-Control: no-cache
Postman-Token: a615546a-6013-94a8-c222-09e1e6b86f60

In the response I get this at the end:

“cursor”: 0,
“count”: 3,
“remaining”: null

If there are no objects remaining, I get

“cursor”: 0,
“count”: 4,
“remaining”: 0

Am I getting it wrong, or is there a bug?

Can you file a bug report for that one, we’ll take it from there.

Will do