Using "The result of step" where it is an update

Interesting one…

If you update a thing in (e.g.) Step 1 and later you use a value from the thing in that Step …

It is empty. So if you update “cancelled” field on a booking in Step 1 and then later on use Step 1’s Booking’s Title … it will be empty.

That does not feel right, but it is easily fixed. Just very odd behavuiour.

That actually sounds kind of scary, so I did a quick test, and I am not seeing that behavior. You sure you didn’t add all the fields in Step 1 and wipe 'em all out as part of updating the cancelled field? :wink:

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this bug would explain very well why like 5% of the time some of my long workflows result in empty fields!

in fact I seem to have even unconsciously noticed as I often do not use eg Step 1s bookings title but prefer inputs value, states value, api thing Xs value.

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Id love to see a true “await” feature in the WF editor. So often step 2 is reliant on step 3. There must be a solid way to know when it’s done. Feels like a traditional JavaScript promise would help here.


i often use states in between steps to get around this.
result of step X does work, just sometimes not result of step Xs y.


I think it is part of the parallelisation maybe. So sometimes if that step fires first then the later steps have the thing reference, but otherwise they don’t.

I am not sure why I did it that way (maybe to enforce some serialisation) but it definitely doesn’t work all the time.

It was just me being lazy in this case, I could just reference the thing from the Update, instead of the Step. But it took 5 days to finally track it down with a hunch.

Add a pause, may be that would work.

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