Using the SHA1 in an API call - (HMAC Digest computation on the client)


I’m connecting to an api that requires me to produce a SHA1 to include in authentication.

The authentication requires the SHA1 be included as an URL parameter in the API call. I understand how to package the data and format it as a SHA1. I don’t understand how to get it into the API Connector as an URL parameter.

The code on the top is what needs to be included in the SHA. The bottom shows the result of what’s on top when it has been formatted.


This seems to create something, but I can’t test it with a regular SHA1 decoder, such as because I can’t see (copy/paste) it. See first image above.

I’ve tested it in the API call, but the hash is not decoding properly.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Scott - have you been able to resolve since this post?