Using the _social_networks column in the User database to log social logins?

I noticed the “_social_networks” column (field) in the All Users database, and I was wondering what the purpose of it is.

We recently added functionality that lets people sign up and log in using their Google account. I was hoping this field was used to log what social network people used to sign up – but that field is empty for users who signed up using Google.

Could I add that functionality? Change something so it’s recorded in the database when people use Google, Apple, etc. to sign up?

Does anybody have insights on this? :pray:

I am wondering the same. were you able to figure out anything on this?

@BeePlusPlus No, I haven’t found out what the purpose of the “_social_networks” column is.

Thanks. I added an option set listing the various login methods a user can use and a new field in the User table called “login_method” which will contain the list of one or more values from the option set. Working out well.

I wanted to inform the user who have already created an account with email id, and later try the Login with Google functionality, that they already have an account and should use their email to login instead of Google Authentication.

Using the above two fields and the unhandled error occurs event I am able to achieve this. I am now opening the Login popup itself for the user and displaying the alert there.

One issue I am facing is that two instances of the login-popup is appearing. The popup itself is a reusable, which appears inside another reusable - the header. Not sure how to solve it.

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