Using the Stripe plugin for a one off purchase of multiple products

Hi there,

Context of what I’m trying to do:

I am building the e-commerce functionality in my website where customers can purchase multiple items. This is achieved with a basic cart database, and I’ve got everything working to the point where now I just need to charge the user.


I’d like to charge the user via the Stripe plugin, where the charge reflects all the items and quantities in their cart. However, “charge the current user” action from the plugin doesn’t allow me to pass items + quantities to the Stripe API call. Rather, I can only pass a price, and the user’s email.

My question:

Is there a way to use the Stripe plugin for me to setup a payment that includes all the products and their quantities from a users cart?

This webinar on the plugin by Bubble shows that it is possible to have a single product passed through the plugin, however, they don’t explain which action they used to achieve it, nor if it’s possible to pass multiple items / quantities.

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