Using UTC Unix time in API Call

Hi All,

I’m struggling a bit with something at the moment and wonder if anyone has any idea of a solution.

I’ve integrated the Intercom API to send events when users take certain actions.

Unfortunately, Intercom require that you submit a timestamp with the event in a specific format…

The time the event occurred as a UTC Unix timestamp

I’m really struggling to get a UTC Unix timestamp out of Bubble though, all the plugins that should have worked are broken :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks again!


Use the :extract function to convert to UTC (and maybe then convert to seconds from milliseconds if needed). Like this …


(ignore the +300 bit, that is just to make it future dated).


Thanks for that, I’ve tried it but Intercom doesn’t seem to like it, however when I add the current date manually from Unix Time Stamp - Epoch Converter it does work.

Current date setup:

Response from Intercom:

Workflow error - The service Intercom - Event just returned an error (HTTP 400). Please consult their documentation to ensure your call is setup properly. Raw error: {"status":400,"error":"There was a problem in the JSON you submitted [f8b9b18ddd76eb58b63aef368e37228f]: not a number (created_at) at line 3, column 18 [parse.c:435] in '{\n "event_name" : "intercom-test",\n "created_at": 01012019,\n "email": ""\n}"}

Thanks again! James.

Since November, the API Connector can handle Unix date
@allenyang would it be possible to implement this please ? Many API requires UNIX timestamp and we must use third party plugins to generate each date field.
Maybe using the date : formatted as (UNIX) ?

It was already a request back in the very early days, April 2015 : Dates in UNIX format