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Using Wistia with bubble

Hi, there.

I want to use videos which are uploaded on Wistia.
But I couldn’t find any documentations about it.
I have already installed Wistia as a plugin, set oAuth keys(Client secret, Client ID), and… what do I have to do?

If anyone knows about it, please help me!

My guess would be that Wistia would appear on the drop down for Video Source when you put the Video element on a page.

Wistia is used for Signing up. our users so far have used the HTML element and the embeddable code from Wistia to display the videos. Have you tried this?

Thank your replies!

Nigel, yes, I tried once so, but it didn’t show wistia as a video source.

Then I tried the HTML element, and did it!
Thanks, Emmanuel!