UX / Bubble Freelance Agency 🚀 (Site update)


So far we’ve had a few projects that have been started/delivered by other developers and where the client came to us eventually. This can be for all kinds of reasons :slight_smile:

In this case, that client opted to work with us on optimizing the feed/data performance, the UX flow and app wrapping improvements.

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@vincent56 and @mattmazzega is all your portfolio shown in your website built with Bubble?

Good question and I actually forgot to mention this in my previous posts. Will hurt the purist’s feelings but we built the site on Webflow.

I personally feel that each tool has its uses and Bubble is not the tool for me to build websites. Webflow has a great CMS and is very user friendly. The editor is also great. If you make it past the plans and pricing jungle, it is a really satisfying platform to build on.

edit: I may have misinterpreted your question. If it was about all the apps in the portfolio, yes they are all Bubble apps.


I think it’s a wise choice. Webflow performs better when you want to showcase something to potential clients and handles better workload. It’s to be expected of course because webflow is limited in functionality in comparison with Bubble.

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Bravo! Well done.

That’s good, just wanted to keep the community healthy. Great work!

Nice website, guys! Amazing that you guys quit your jobs and went all in. Wish you both the best of luck! :raised_hands: :netherlands:

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Thanks Robbert :wink: Still really happy with thisall in decision, lots of work but definitely inspiring and rewarding at the end!