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UX/UI Design Experts Needed

We are looking for some freelancers to work with our company on improving design of entire platform. This is purely focused on design, no back end functionality is needed. There are currently 10 or so main pages that need updating. And eventually this will need to be copied over to mobile versions of pages as well. All of these pages need to be perfectly polished, extremely clean, and simple to navigate.

First and foremost we need to update the landing page. It is a relatively simple landing page that can be found at:

After that, we will be focusing on improving a dashboard layout, and “program steps,”
which are essentially forms that include educational content for Users with areas to input information. Then move on to other pages.
Examples of some current pages below:

This is a bidding opportunity where we would like to receive submissions from a few options and be able to pick the best. Each of the different types of pages will be a new bid. So it may be the case that we like your landing page designs but someone else’s dashboard design.

The process will go like this:

We will start by picking a few (no more than 5) individuals who we will all communicate with collectively. So you will know who you are competing on bids with and can even decide to collaborate together should you choose to. Our decision will be made once we have conducted initial questioning and seen examples of previous projects from all interested parties.

With the designers selected we will create a communication channel (probably discord) for majority of conversations. We will also have a short video call prior to each of the separate design projects (pages). For each page or design aspect, we will define some parameters of what is needed and expected, but there will be a level of open creativity that we are seeking.

Once we go over the project, we want to work pretty quickly. So we will expect to have each designer submit to us their bid and a prototype for the given project in about 48 hours. After that, we will pick a winner, have them update our platform with their proposed design and pay them upon completion.

The next project would likely start in the next day or two.

So to summarize, we are looking for designers who could help us improve our Landing Page, Dashboards, and Education Pages (they are realistically just fancy looking forms), and eventually the rest of our pages such as User profile page, Home Feed, Notifications, Messages, etc.

If after looking at our platform examples provided above, you think you could significantly improve our design, then we would love to have you involved in this bidding process to compete with your design ideas.

And finally we realize that this is a lot to ask for and to make it worse, we are an early stage startup with a limited budget :upside_down_face:, so we are providing 2 things to sweeten the deal for those that actually like OpenOcean and what we are doing and want to be involved more than just a one time thing:

  1. Having you be the suggested design consultant(s) for our Users (will explain more to those interested).
  2. We will select one designer to offer a future full time position, which essentially is a contingent offer stating that should we reach our milestones of either revenues or fundraising (within the next 12 months), they could join the team as the design lead and would receive early employee stock options.

All interested parties please feel free to PM me or email me at [email protected]

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So, correct me if I’m wrong: you are saying that you want 5 people to design all your pages, but you will only pay one person each page. So a designer could do all the design work, and he wouldn’t get paid if he doesn’t win any of the “page-contests”…?
And, does it make any sense to have different pages of the same application made by different designers?
And last but not least, you have a low budget??

Good luck!!

Lol yes kind of, but not exactly. Not looking for them to fully design pages. Just looking for them to take our existing designs and put together prototype proposals of updates.

So let’s use our dashboard as an example. They take what we have already, and then using either their previous works or examples they find elsewhere, compile an outline / overview of what they would do to make it better.

Then we will pay them to implement it on our platform.

Hi. Am interested to work with you as a UI/UX designer. Contact me on [email protected]

Sounds Intriguing

You can see all of my previous work on my Twitter

Shoot me a DM!