V2 Web App Development and Integration (UX/UI overhaul, data architecture audit, stripe integration)

Looking for a skilled developer to assist in completing the v2 of our bubble.io web app. The main tasks include tidying up the front end, auditing the data structures, securing privacy rules, and integrating Stripe. The ideal candidate should have expertise in web development, data auditing, privacy rules, and Stripe integration. The candidate should possess the following skills:

  • Proficient in bubble.io
  • Front-end web development
  • Bubble.io data architecture and auditing
  • Privacy rules implementation
  • Stripe integration

The project is of small/medium size and is expected to be completed within 1 month (by September). We prefer candidates with an intermediate expertise level (preferably full-stack developers).


More details:

Searching for a developer with some expertise to accompany me in closing out the current phase of Bubble.io development on our web app.

The live version of the product is a workflow tool that allows fashion stylists to manage the clothes they need for a photoshoot or event on a digital board with their team of assistants. They currently upload the images of the clothing themselves from their desktops. They are able to add information to the images (eg. tracking number, return date, availability etc) and export configurations of their boards to share externally as PDFs.

v2, under development, allows the stylists to browse collections of clothing from brands in app, removing the need to upload the images themselves. Brands can now log in, create showrooms where their images are hosted and from which stylists can create requests for those pieces of clothing. They can also create proposals of looks they would recommend for stylists, and share them in app or via email to the stylists they are connected with. Essentially, we’re building an industry-specific, workflow-enabled, two-sided marketplace for clothing rental with a social aspect (connections, messages etc).

I want to ensure the new version of the app is intuitive, optimised and secure before launching in September. I also need to integrate Stripe to allow brands to pay for their monthly subscription.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


dm sent pls check